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Does anyone got to the London College of Fashion????

If you do… Is it good/nice???? I REALLY want to go there in 4 years so help me out!

Posted by Avery

Look at the following sites. You will know what to do too.London College of Fashion
London College of Fashion is one of the leading centres of fashion education in … London College of Fashion Home. About Us. Courses. News & Events. Showcase …
Www.fashion.arts.ac.uk – 14k – Cached
2.London College of Fashion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
London College of Fashion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. London College of Fashion frontage above Oxford Street …
En.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_College_of_Fashion – 22k – Cached
3.Is Green the New Black?
London College of … London College of Fashion Home. About Us. Courses. News & Events. Showcase … London College of Fashion invites you to answer ' …
Www.fashion.arts.ac.uk/green.htm – 13k – Cached
4.London Fashion Week
Colleges Council Open Day 2008 … Estethica at London Fashion Week February 2008 … Fourth season, the Exhibition at London Fashion Week played host to estethica …
Www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/?ref=www.BEAUTYofLIFE.com – 15k – Cached
5.London Fashion Week: BFC
… Designers, and Fashion Forward which supports designers … Colleges Council, which develops links between Britain's top fashion colleges and the industry …
Londonfashionweek.co.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=968&CategoryTypeID=2 – 13k – Cached
6.London College of Fashion | fuk.co.uk
… Best of UK fashion from the street to the catwalk featuring … London College of Fashion. Manchester. Middlesex. Northampton. Northumbria. Nottingham …
Www.fuk.co.uk/gfw06/london_college_of_fashion – 26k – Cached
7.VADS: the online resource for visual arts – London College of Fashion College Archive
The London College of Fashion archive also contains many rich and interesting … Of the London College of Fashion by Helen Reynolds (Phillimore 1997) which …
Vads.ahds.ac.uk/collections/LCFCA.html – 7k – Cached
8.Baugur links up with London College of Fashion
… To sponsor the London College of Fashion's graduate fashion shows and will offer … History of creativity and innovation as the London College of Fashion, and it …
Drapersonline.com/news/2008/04/baugur_links_up_with_london_college_of_fashion… – 25k – Cached
9.London Colleges: News item
Barnet College students on the catwalk of world's largest fashion show – Clothes … Year's College Fashion Show, showcasing another great selection of student work. …
Www.londoncolleges.com/news/item.aspx?id=549 – 8k – Cached
10.VADS: the online resource for visual arts – London College of Fashion, Paper Patterns
The London College of Fashion's Paper Patterns collection has accumulated over … The London College of Fashion archive also contains many rich and interesting …

Looking for a free college courses and things like that. Help?

K. So I'm having interests in these things
-Web Designer/Developer
-Fashion Designer
 -Graphic Design
-Hair Stylist
-Make-up Artist
-CG Creator
-Game Developer
-Music Producer
-Sound Engineer
Any online courses or tuition free sites? Or maybe some tutorial sites?

It doesnt need to be all of these…
But I need help.

Posted by Margaret

You may want to look into Coursera. Many free courses thought by real teachers/professors. You can choose to "audit" a class, meaning you'll still learn, but you won't be given a grade. Or you can actually earn credit and receive a certificate that shows you complete the class satisfactorily. It's really up to you. See the link below.

Beyond Coursera, you can search the internet for other similar sites. Also if you're looking for less formal (albeit, not as credible) tutorials, a place like YouTube can provide a wealth of info on virtually any topic.

One last word… PRACTICE makes perfect, so anything you pick up, make sure to really go at it and apply yourself. Good luck!

Is there free fashion designing courses?

Fashion designing courses which allow worldwide students to study for free?
Wat r the universities that provide them?

Posted by M Sahar

I don't know of any courses that offer free courses but I do know that the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising has an amazing fashion design program that they're known for. So many famous fashion designers gradated from FIDM including the co-founder of Juicy Couture and Monqiue Lhuiller. They would give you the foundation you need to get your fashion design program started in the right direction and they have killer industry connection and that's very important. I know you mentioned money and I do know the school offers financial aid and scholarships too. You should check out their website and see what you think. Good luck!

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What Is Business Chic Clothing

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Questions and Answers

Fashionable young chic work clothes suggestions please?

I'm trying to build my work wardrobe. I'm looking for business casual outfits and a few business outfits for interviewing. Any suggestions? What do you think of black slacks with a long sleeved white button up shirt and a black vest over that? Any ideas or favorite layering combos for work? What is your favorite work outfit? What stores do you purchase your work clothes from? I mainly shop at banana republic (sales racks and outlets) or sometimes I can find some cute stuff from INC (label Macys carries) I'm located LA. Any good shops for work clothes?
I love H & M! Thanks!

Also, any websites or pictures of really good put together looks for work?
"A Private Performance" That pic it hot! I love it! :)

Posted by Kimberly R

When i was trying to build my work wardrobe, i went in with a focus since i was on a budget. So, instead of buying some black and some brown pieces (pants, shoes, belts, bags) i chose one (brown) and only bought clothes that matched my choice.

So, my wardrobe is full of chocolate brown, cream (which looks better w/brown than stark white), pinks, yellows, greens, and teals. All of these are mix-n-matchable. To add an unexpected twist, don't always wear the neutral color you choose (black or brown) on the bottom. Instead, consider a white pant with a black or colored top. This looks very chic and isn't as expected and ho-hum as black pants with a white button-up shirt.

There were plenty of times that i saw tops i liked in black, but i knew that they wouldn't help make my limited wardrobe any more versatile or functional. In fact, it would require me to buy items to go with it. If they didn't have it in brown, they likely had the same shirt in one of the complimentary colors or cream. Sticking to this system will help you create a cohesive, functional wardrobe without requiring you to buy a lot of different, unrelated pieces. Once you get your brown or black wardrobe satisfied, you can begin starting the other neutral. I have chosen not to expand into black, because i like brown and the pinks and yellows that go with it so much better with my skin tone. Black seems to go better with harsher/bolder colors (reds, whites, hunter green, etc) which i don't like so mcuh.

Here's what you need:
pencil skirt (consider getting it in white or cream)
pants in black OR brown
shift dress in black OR brown
patterned blazer w/array of colors that will add some pop to your neutral bottom pieces
shoes (pumps or slingbacks) in black OR brown OR a solid color to add pop to overall neutral outfit
boots with 2" or lower heel
belts/scarves/bags in colors

i also chose a jewelry metal. I feel yellow gold goes better with the warm tones of brown and silver/white gold goes better with black. So, i bought all of my accessories in yellow gold. I can mix and match rings, earrings, and bracelets from day to day. But if you have some gold and some silver, you will end up having to buy two of everything (hoop earrings, studs, bracelets, rings, etc).

Name For Clothing Business?

Quality names like guess, coach, prada, dior.

If I like your name I will let you know and will use that name around the globe with my clothing line.

Posted by Mary K

Here are some ideas

first impression
atomic beauty
Uptown Angel
Chelsea Chic
Downtown Darling
Broadway Beauty
Miss Manhattan
Fabulous on Fifth
Vintage Trends
Retro Scene
Pearl Couture
Real Beauty

Vintage Clothing Business, Need a really different attratctive name, HELP?

Hi there, i'm setting up a vintage clothing business with a friend on Big Cartel.
But we can't decide on a business name? Has anyone got any ideas?
Also any advice on what we're embarking on would be nice?


Posted by JAKE

Vintage collection…….
Timeless chic
Vintage delight
Do you plan on renting it out, or selling or both? If you rent it out, how much will you charge? If you charge a deposit, the item is not returned, will you make a loss? If the cost of buying the item is less then the rent, it poses a problem.
If an item is returned damaged, how will you ascertain who is to blame?
The singer Lily Allen set up a vintage shop with her sister, in England. Mary portas gave her advice. A documentary was filmed for channel4.com.

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Fashion On a Budget

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Questions and Answers

Can u tell me more about being a fashion desingner?

I saw it on yahoo news about good jobs that pay $30 an hour and one of them was these they are one of the jobs that yes i have been thinking about for a while now because i am good at matching and they said i should consider this job. I like it could any one explain more about it to me please. :)

Posted by SmartiesFreak

What is the work like?
Fashion/clothing designers design clothes, accessories and shoes. Some design expensive one-off pieces. Others work in a team creating a whole range of mass-produced fashions, or specialise in particular areas such as sportswear.

There are three main sectors:

Haute couture – designers work on exclusive one-off creations that can cost thousands of pounds. They work directly with the client, organising fittings and making alterations, and the work takes a high level of skill and large amounts of time. Many couture designers also produce ready-to-wear collections that are produced in relatively small numbers.
Ready-to-wear (or prêt-a-porter) – designers work on garments that are sold in small numbers but often at a high price. These garments bear the designer's name.
Designing for High Street stores – designers develop cheaper ranges for the mass market. These garments are manufactured in large numbers and are quite often produced overseas. There is generally much less scope for creative input, as garments are made in line with strict budgets and need to be easy to produce efficiently.
Designers usually work two seasons ahead, liaising with buyers and forecasters to predict the coming fashions. They draw initial sketches by hand or using computer software. Designers have to consider who might buy and wear their designs, how much they will cost to produce and how much people will be prepared to pay.

Designers usually discuss their initial ideas with the design and marketing team before the best are selected and made up as sample garments. When the clothes go into production, the fashion designer has to be available to give advice and sort out any problems with cutting or stitching.

The responsibilities of a designer vary depending on who they work for, but may include:

producing concepts
making sketches by hand or on computers
developing patterns
overseeing production
analysing trends in fabrics, colours and shapes
sourcing suppliers
selecting and buying fabrics and trims
adapting existing designs for mass production
supervising the making up of sample garments
quality control.
Designers can work alone or as part of a small design team.

Starting salaries are around £13,000 to £15,000 a year.

Hours and environment
Designers normally work from 9am to 5pm, but they may work much longer hours when preparing samples for buyers or collections for fashion shows.

Part-time work may be possible, especially for self-employed designers, but staying ahead of the competition often means designers have to work long hours.

Fashion designers usually work in a studio or a small workshop. Those who also make clothes, or are involved in making samples, spend time at a cutting table using a sewing machine.

They may attend fashion shows, prediction fairs (where future fashion trends are predicted) and exhibitions, as well as visit clients. As the main fashion centres are London, New York, Paris and Rome, international travel is often required.

Salary and other benefits
These figures are only a guide, as actual rates of pay may vary, depending on the employer and where people live.

The starting salary for a newly-qualified designer may be around £13,000 to £15,000 a year.
With more experience, they may earn approximately £22,000 a year.
Senior designers may earn up to £60,000 a year.
Freelance designers charge per design. They may have to pay commission to their agents.

Skills and personal qualities
Fashion/clothing designers need:

to be creative
an eye for colour, texture and pattern
the ability to visualise things in three dimensions
technical skills in areas such as pattern cutting, grading and garment construction
to be able to draw, either by hand or on the computer
good communication skills to explain their ideas clearly and persuasively
the ability to meet deadlines and work within a budget
business skills and commercial awareness, particularly if they are self-employed
good negotiation skills when selling their own designs
to keep ahead of trends in colour, fabric and style
strong organisational skills.
It helps to have an interest in:

trends in fashion and clothing
art and design.
Getting in
Fashion designers work for designer labels, as part of in-house design teams for retail chains, and for clothing manufacturers that produce large quantities of clothes for the mass market.

Around 12,000 designers are in paid employment in the UK. There are often more applicants than vacancies. Jobs working for well-known designer labels are highly sought after.

The heaviest concentration of designers is in London and the surrounding area. The industry is dominated by small and medium-sized employers. In fact, more than 80 per cent of businesses have 10 employees or fewer.

Competition for places is intense and many fashion graduates find they have to do other work as a result, perhaps in a related field such as fashion journalism, or as stylists or buyers.

Jobs are advertised in Drapers, other trade publications and The Guardian, and on specialist recruitment websites.

Entry for young people

Fashion designers usually start their career after taking an HNC/HND or a degree in fashion. Foundation degree courses are also available. Some courses provide a general grounding in fashion design and textiles, while others focus on manufacturing and clothing technology.

Developing skills which are in short supply, such as pattern cutting, textile technology, production management and studio management, may be an advantage.

In England and Wales, many designers start out on a foundation course or other national diploma course before going on to a HNC/HND, Foundation degree or degree. In Scotland, degree courses take four years. The first year equates to the foundation year in England and Wales, and introduces students to general art and design.

The qualifications required are normally two A levels and three GCSEs (A-C), although other qualifications may be accepted. A portfolio of work has to be submitted with the application.

Alternatively, students may take HNC/HND courses in graphic design or related subjects. Entry requirements are normally at least one A level in art or design and technology, or a related subject.

Some students may do a postgraduate course before starting work. Employers usually select new designers based on a portfolio of work and an interview.

The Diploma will give you the knowledge and skills that you will need for college, university or work in an exciting, creative and enjoyable way.

Entry for adults

Most people enter this profession at an early age.

Academic entry requirements for art and design courses may be relaxed for candidates with a strong portfolio of work and related experience.

Adults may prepare for degree-level study by taking a full or part-time Access course.

Training is usually on the job, working alongside and learning skills from more senior designers. As competition is extremely strong, most employers expect new recruits to have learned basic skills at college.

New fashion designers need to be prepared to work in junior positions, developing other people's designs, as colourists or in pattern-cutting, in order to gain experience and contacts.

Getting on
With experience, designers may be able to move into senior design roles and work with more established fashion labels. Very few designers are able to design clothes for their own fashion label.

Fashion designers may also move into specialist areas such as colour predicting, style consultancy, fashion journalism or costume design.

Does anyone know of any really good fashion/budget friendly fashion blogs?

Posted by Christa

The Budget Babe is a great one. Http://www.thebudgetbabe.com/

Other good ones are Frugal Fashionista (http://www.frugal-fashionistas.com/), Budget Fashionista (http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/), Style it Less (http://www.splendicity.com/styleitless/), and Viva Fashion Blog (http://www.vivafashionblog.com/)

Fashion On A Budget????!?

Where can i find cute clothes that are pretty affordable and not too expensive?? Is Khols pretty affordable?? Im on a budget and i dont have all the money in the world so you can you name a few stores please?

Posted by cierra

Kohl's is great. I got 3 shirts from there yesterday for $6, and they hold up great too. They always have atleast 3 or 4 racks or clearance clothes. Aeropostale is also pretty cheap too, with durable clothes.

Happy Valentine's Day xo The Media Mama | Bethesda Maryland

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Wear to Work Blog

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Questions and Answers

Wearing shorts with tights?

I love that look and I remember myself wearing that combo every winter since 2009-2010. But I keep reading posts on fashion blogs that make that look appear like the "new way to wear shorts during winter" and some of my friends seem to have discovered it just recently and tell me "hey, tights with shorts, cool idea".
Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't this trend being around for a long time? I personally first tried it (and then adjusted it to my own style) when I saw it on Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl.

Posted by bldstrm

Shows you how out of touch blogs & magazines can be. That combo has been around in one form or another at least since the 1990s. I wear tights & shorts a lot but it never struck me as something new.

What should I wear to Colorado?

To Colorado this week. I'm from Texas where the weather is scorching (100). Evidently, it's going to be pretty cool in the morning/evening in Colorado this week. What are some stylish and comfy (walking around/shopping) outfits I can wear while we're there?

Posted by Dayna

During the day:


I think it's cute but casual enough. If you can't wear the heels, I would wear these

Or you can wear either of these kind of cute dresses with a simple cropped cardigan at night

You should go to a platos closet store if you live near one. They have so many cute clothes for really low prices!

Also graphic tees are cute!

Need some help on some blog ideas?

So i started a blogspot, and i want to blog on fashion but i'm not exactly sure what to write/blog about.

Anybody have any cool ideas?

Posted by Hi :D

A blog about..

Your style – what u like 2 wear
whats hot and whats not in fashion
fashion tips for guys and gals..
A quick review about a different designer each week
a item of clothing and how it has evolved to what it looks like eknow/how it is worn now.

Video Marketing: Tell Your Businees Story Using Video …

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Workwear Fashion Blog

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Questions and Answers

Help with workwear wardrobe?

I hate "office" wear, I'm too individual and casual, but I have to wear office wear to work :[ Not necessarily suits, but smart and no denim.

I'm sick of looking boring in black trousers and boring tops lol.

So I'm looking for peoples suggestions as to what I could wear as work wear – smart but not boring?! (preferably with low heels or flats as I seem to walk a LOT!)

Ta guys&gals

Posted by ★♥ KillerBea ♥★

How about a statement skirt like the one in this outfit Http://www.shmotter.com/outfit-1846 or this one Http://www.shmotter.com/outfit-1820

Shift dresses are also great for work. Go for go plain style and brighten it up with some gorgeous accessories perhaps bright tights and ballet flats or a patterened one. There are plenty to choose from on Http://designerhighstreet.com/Shift_Dres…

Accessories are also a great option for brightening things up. Try something a bit unusual like these Http://www.style-eyes-fashion-blog.com/2…

Can anyone recommend a website where i can buy some really classy therapy tunics?

There must be some out there somewhere that arne't the usual style. UK only.

Posted by Eleanor

A choice of sites follows.

The view from Tehran Avenue, by Wendy Kristianasen
… The preferred colour for girls who like to wear their tunics short and tight. … At Tehran University who runs 25 therapy groups of 12-15 people each, …
Mondediplo.com/2004/02/03tehran – Cached
Pagan Camp – People
… And blockprint cloaks, robes, tunics and wallhangings/altar cloths for … Stall, tarot therapy, positive energy, baby-friendly space, anything I can help …
Www.midnightharvest.com/pagancamp/pages/people.html – 187k – Cached
Light Therapy Systems Ltd – Manchester, Cheshire. … McEvoys offer a range of workwear including salon wear and therapists tunics at discount prices. …
Www.beautyfinder.co.uk/subcategory.php?cntry=&cid=&page=158 – 236k – Cached
Sugahfix – Fashion
Glitzed up with classy touches by jewellery designer Catherine B's stunning … Her handmade dresses, tunics and tops are designed for trendsetting urban …
Sugahfix.com/index.php?…&task=blogsection&id=11&Itemid=49 – 138k – Cached
How to get dressed: create the right silhouette – Times Online
Without bold classy accessories (the label's own glossy disc belts and clunky … Therapy notes: how to survive a long-distance relationship …
Women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/fashion/… – 111k
Beauty Tips, Makeup Tips and Skin Care Advice (2)
… Due to the chic and classy silhouettes of the dress collections exposed this season. … Bathing is an effective beauty therapy. …
Www.cosmeticsdiary.com/blog/page/2 – Cached
Shanghai city guide | Travel | The Observer
For a classy interpretation of traditional Shanghainese fare in a … Usually spotless, with drivers dressed in white tunics and gloves. … SNF Therapy Jobs …
Guardian.co.uk/travel/2005/sep/18/…?gusrc=rss&feed=travel -

Live work style Warehouse studio & workshop – SW6 fulham

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